Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Small Apartment Decor on a Budget

For the past couple of months I have been on an Amazon, Ikea and DD's discount frenzy. We decided to give our small, 1 bedroom apartment a make over.  One tip I would like to give is to carefully select everything. You don't have to shop for everything in one day. It took me about a month and a half to finalize everything. I went from store to store finding  deals and specials. Do not expect to find everything in  just one spot. Online shopping worked well for me since I have Amazon Prime . I got both of our living room tables from Amazon as well as our decorative pillows and comforter. Everything else was bought at Ikea or DD's Discount.  Our sofa was bought at Ashley's Furniture Store.  

The Year of Realizing

What can I say about 2016? It wasn't the best year, for me, but it wasn't the worst. This year was definitely a lesson learning year. A year that I learned that I am a resilient person and that no matter what, we do always heal. The year started off rocky. My husband and I's relationship wasn't the best and financially, we were struggling. I had just lost a friendship and I felt like I was worthless and I felt like I was not able to make connections outside of that small bubble I lived in. I was hurting. To top it all off, my grandmother lost her fight to Alzheimer's disease and a day later, my cousin was brutally murdered. My uncle had to bury his mother and a couple days later he buried his son. A couple of weeks after that our car was broken into and my computer, my camera and my expensive make-up were stolen. What a couple of shitty months huh? This is when I learned that we are resilient beings. Regardless of what happens in our surroundings, we adapt, we mold and we learn. Don't get me wrong, all of this affected me and it affected me a lot, but I have learned to be at peace.  

Now, things are good. I have a good job ( although most of the time I complain about how stressful it is!) I have a good husband, a beautiful child, family and friends that have been there even in the most troubling of times. Sometimes we have to go through things in order to become stronger and more resilient. We have to hit rock bother in order to enjoy even the smallest of things. This year I realized that there are going to be many moments that knock us down, but there's also going to be moments that are filled with happiness and rainbows. Although I am still hurt about the passing of my grandma and my cousin, I do realize that the heart heals. I have found peace and acceptance in it all. 

I do hope that 2017 is filled with even more adventures and beautiful moments.